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What's New with My Site?

November 14th, 2013: I was in Newport, OR several days ago and happened to wander into this bookstore where I came upon a Nancy Drew t-shirt. It has the cover from "The Sign of the Twisted Candles" as the graphic and I fell in love. Actually, I managed to find it. If you want it, you can get it here.



It also made me go, "Oh, yeah..." and remember my ND passion that made me create this website almost 8 years ago. I don't regret it! I hope some people still get a kick out of it. Thanks!

January 9th, 2009: I've updated the site with a new layout 

September 3, 2006:  The Nancy Drew Mysteries Club is my new focus. Please visit the link below to learn more!

The Nancy Drew Mysteries Club!

September 3, 2006:  If you would like to help or you have ideas for the layout/background of this site, please let me know. I am eager for feedback! 

September 3, 2006:  AEND will not be a regular e-zine. However it may still come out every once in a while. 

July 4, 2006: The setup of Amateur Eye: N.D. has been delayed till August for the second issue and that is at the soonest. The first issue, however, will be sent via email tomorrow morning because of some material I promised to put in the first issue in July. Thank you all!

April 21, 2006: I added a Nancy Drew "collage" to the Nancy Drew History page.

April 15, 2006: I added a review on The Secret of Mirror Bay to the Review Galaxy page.

April 14, 2006: I have made a new page called, "Nancy Drew and Fashion". There you'll a bunch of pictures of fashions since 1930; you'll get to know the personal style of Nancy Drew! I tried to pick pictures that I could see Nancy wearing, something that I could imagine her wearing on the cover of a book; while she's solving a crime, etc. Please check it out.

March 2006: I recently added some photos to the photo page. Please check that out!        

March 2006: I added a corkboard to the site! A link to it is found on corkboard page.       

March 2006: Also, I plan to get a book or two on the shopping page soon. 

March 2006: Review Galaxy page is ALL reviews. If you would like to send your own review to be published on my site, click on the link: ndquestions@msn.com 

March 2006: I've added my book review on The Clue of the Leaning Chimney to the "Nancy Drew History" page, as well as two other reviews. Just so you know, there is a lot on that page worth looking at, including an article on the history of Nancy Drew, a list of the original publishing dates of the original Nancy Drew books, and a list of the illustrators of the Nancy Drew books.


Take a look at the links page and see all the sites I have there for you to go visit. I think you'll really enjoy that!